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What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is a process that results in search engines listing your website so that you are in a position to be seen by potential customers searching for your business, products or services. Our approach is simple, abide by the search engine rules, build well designed websites and fully utilise social media for better marketing. By sticking to these basic principles we achieve excellent search engine optimisation results for our clients on a daily basis.

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic search engine optimisation is a process which results in your website being listed on search engines for phrases surrounding your business, products or services without the use of pay per click advertising.

Can You Guarantee My Website Will Be Listed On Page 1 Of Search Engines?

Using pay per click advertising we can guarantee that your business will be listed on search engines for phrases of your choice. Search Engine Friendly Websites never guarantee your website will be listed, they simply increase your chances of being listed. Our track record shows that we know how to get businesses listed on search engines however, due to search engine changes and increases in competition no one can guarantee you a page one listing 100% of the time. In order to remain at the top of the listings for phrases you choose requires continual updates to your website to keep inline with search engine changes and ahead of your competitors.

Why Doesn't My Website Show On Search Engines

There could be a list of reasons as long as your arm why your website is not showing on search engines for key phrases you think it should show for. The main reason is that your pages are not search engine optimised meaning your site will never perform well because it has not been written to perform in the first place. We regularly come across websites that are out dated and need to be brought up to speed with what search engines class as being a quality website.

Do I Need To Research Keywords?

You do not need to research keywords because we do that for you however, if you want to look into keywords that you think are going to work well for your business we are happy to take these on-board and analyse their effectiveness for your business.

Can You Build Me A Search Engine Friendly Website?

Yes, we only build search engine friendly websites. We don't believe in building websites that are not search engine friendly because our business is based around helping your business achieve more sales enquiries.

Do Blog's And Social Media Websites Improve My Websites Search Engine Performance

If used in the correct way blog's and social media can be used to improve your search engine performance but are only a small part of search engine optimisation. Blog websites and social media websties should really be optimised in their own right to perform well as stand alone products that contribute to your online presence and success.

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