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Knowing The Facts Is Important

Knowing the facts about search engine optimisation can save you a lot of time as it will give you an insight into what can and can't be done but it could also save you money. Having a basic understanding about search engine optimisation will allow you to identify SEO companies who know how to optimise websites properly and also ones that don't. We have written about some SEO facts below, all of which we feel you should know before taking up search engine optimisation services.

Page 1 Listings On Search Engines Cannot Be Guaranteed

If you are told that SEO can guarantee you a first page listing this is likely to be a pay per click service whereby money is paid to the search engine to list your business for phrases you have chosen. Pay per click services can list your business most of the time but this method is not strictly SEO because you are paying money every time your advert gets clicked.

SEO is widely known as a service that places your business on page one of search engines organically (without pay per click) for relevant search phrases by having relevant information on your actual website.

To give you an idea why SEO cannot be guaranteed you need to think of what you are competing for. When you search Google for 'Trainers' there may be 800,000 websites online for this search phrase. Out of the 800,000 only 60 may actually be well built search engine friendly websites that are paying for an SEO service. With this in mind and also the fact that there are only 10 places available on page 1 means being listed there is never guaranteed because you are 1 of 60 all competing for the top positions.

What you have to look for is an SEO company such as ourselves is the track record for achieving good search engine results. Our service is based on tried and tested techniques that work but never guarantee you a page 1 listing.

Just Because You Reach Page 1 Doesn't Mean You Will Be There Forever

You may have notice that your website listing position will fluctuate fairly frequently. The reason for this is that search engines want to display the most relevant and up to date information to their users. Over time your website may be overtaken by a competitors website if you leave it standing still for too long.

There are companies who think that upon reaching page 1 for their desired search phrases they can then stop their search engine optimisation service because they have reached their goal. Unfortunately they will not be there for very long as part of the SEO service is providing updates to your website that keep it in a strong position. You must remember that SEO is not a one off, quick fix. Losing your position will have a big impact on your business but more importantly can be more of a challenge to get the listing back once you have lost it.

The fact is that SEO is an ongoing service, period.

Mass Link Building Or Link Farming Is Not SEO

You may be aware of companies offering mass link building also known as link farming, this is not a good way of improving your website and can actually have a detrimental effect on your SEO service. Mass link building in not genuine and generally provides your website with links of no value what so ever meaning you have paid for a service that has no positive impact on your website.

If you are suspected of using link farming as a technique you should be aware that your website may be penalised and sand boxed by search engines. When this happens you may be taken off the search engines all together meaning all the hard work that has been done on genuine SEO has been undone for good.

You should be aware that part of a good search engine optimisation service is providing quality links from websites that can add value to your website by passing website visitors who are genuinely looking for something you offer. This seems like common sense but if a link is genuine it is more likely to have value meaning your website benefits. Remember Mass Link Building is not SEO and it is not about quantity, it's about quality.

Don't Expect Instant Results From An SEO Service

SEO on phrases that are in low competition can be achieved fairly quickly however for high competition phrases you can be looking at months even years of work before you reach page 1. I know this sounds off putting but the reality is that if it wasn't worth doing, companies such as ours would not be offering it as a professional service. Being on page one of search engines can quite literally transform a business and turn it into a big player fit to compete with blue chip multinational companies. For further information about our SEO services please contact us.

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