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Search Engine Optimisation Process

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The Process

Search engine optimisation isn't something that can be done once and forgotten about and it isn't done quickly without thought. If done correctly, it is an in depth process that requires a sound understanding of search engines, your customers and your business in order to achieve exceptional results.


Our search engine optimisation process starts with an in depth analysis of your business, your competitors and your market sector to establish the level of search engine optimisation that we will have to do to achieve the results you require.

The analysis stage is the most important stage of the search engine optimisation process, if this is done without the required attention to detail, you will not achieve the desired results from your website. Additionally, if this is stage is just slightly off in terms of direction, the later stages suffer meaning you get results that may not be the most beneficial to your business.

Key Phrase Identification

The analysis stage allows us to identify phrases that are likely to be used by your potential customers when searching for your products or services. Using the power of Google we are able to run your phrases into their system to see the level of competition and number of searches per month for your specific phrases. We are then presented with additional popular phrases surrounding your business type which is highly beneficial as it often identifies phrases that you may not have immediately thought were popularly used but could prove to bring you much more business.

Having A Clear Goal And Focus

It is important to have a clear goal for what you want to achieve so that a plan can be implemented. If the plan is focused and no deviation is made then we will achieve your goals.

How We Achieve The Results

Once we know exactly what we want to achieve in terms of being listed on search engines for specific key phrases we can then put our knowledge to great effect and start work on improving your website, blog and social media popularity. How we actually achieve great results for our clients is highly technical but cutting out all of the jargon it's basically providing search engines with only the information required for them to make the decision that your website is worthy of being listed on page 1.

A Reputation To Be Proud Of

Our tried and tested approach to search engine optimisation has given us a reputation to be proud of. Our clients speak highly of us because we pay close attention to their needs and expectations and deliver results time and time again. We believe that being open and honest brings about greater trust in our abilities and therefore brings greater results for our clients.

online marketing professionals online marketing professionals