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Frequently Asked Website Design Questions

When starting the think about what you want from your website design many questions are likely to come to mind. Remember, it is our job to create a website that is designed well and converts website visitors into your customers so don't worry, you are in good hands. Simply tell us what your idea of a good website design is or let us come up with suggestions and we will then create a unique design for your business. We get asked many things during the website design process, some of which we have written about below to help clear up any burning questions you may have.>

Will We Have A Website Design Meeting?

We recommend having a website design meeting in most cases however it is not always necessary as we can gather information about your business via telephone and email communication and create a design idea for you based on this.

How Long Will It Take To Design My Website?

We can have an initial website design idea to you within a few days based on what you have told us about your business and what you see as being a good website design. The time that it takes to transform a website design idea into an actual web page depends on the complexity and scale of the design but on average takes around 2 - 3 days. Building the rest of the website is much quicker once the initial page layout has been built and again depends on how many pages are to be included within the initial build. To give you a rough idea of timescales from starting the website design to website launch you are looking at around 1 month in most cases.

Do I Need To Write The Text For The Website And Supply The Images

We can write up the website text for you and supply you with professional standard images for your website however, if you specify that you want to write the website text and supply your own images that is absoloutly fine. In cases where we write the website text for you we will send you a copy of the text so that you can make edits and then send the final draft back to us.

Can My Website Look Like My Competitors?

We often get asked if we can create a website design that is similar to a competitors website. In this case we then ask "what in particular it is that you like about their website?" From there we can gather information about what you see as being a good website design and create you a unique design using all of the key aspects you like but tailored to your business.

Can You Design Me A Website That Beats My Competitors On Search Engines?

The answer to this question, which comes up almost every time we design a website is "we can list you on page 1 of search engines for phrases that you specify however to keep you there requires close monitoring and continuous improvement". Search engine results change frequently meaning nobody can guarantee that you beat your competitors but with a successful track record such as ours we can do a good job...find out more.

Will You Provide Ongoing Maintenance And Website Support?

Yes, we provide ongoing maintenance on all of our clients website to ensure that they are performig effectively on search engines. We are always available for support on any aspect of your website and are happy to provide help and advice on other web related products which may be of interest to you such as social media marketing and blogging websites.

online marketing professionals online marketing professionals